Easy Ways To Keep Your House Organized


Keeping your house organized can sometimes seem like an impossible task. The good news is that we all have difficulty staying organized from time to time. It is actually quite easy to get bogged down in all the clutter. Unfortunately, houses can’t clean themselves. There are some people that love spending time organizing their home, while others would rather be doing anything else. However, by implementing a few simple habits into your routine, cleaning your house and keeping it organized won’t be such a daunting task anymore. Simply tweaking the way you tidy up can put an end to the clutter once and for all. Read on for some life-changing organization tips that can easily help you keep your house mess-free.


The fact of the matter is that you cannot clean the entire house at once. And, attempting to do so causes unnecessary stress and leads to feeling overwhelmed. Therefore, prioritization is key! Consider making a list of everything that you need to clean and organize, then choose one or two things from the list to complete any given day. Making a list may seem tedious or unnecessary, but it is very helpful! Prioritizing looks different for everyone. So, you could prioritize a specific room, like the kitchen, or you could decide to organize your bookshelves in your home office and sitting area. By creating realistic cleaning and organization goals, you are more likely to complete them. Furthermore, if you take it step by step, you are more likely to remain dedicated to the task of tidying your home. 

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Clean As You Go

Cleaning as you go is a very helpful tool in ensuring that your home remains clean and organized. By cleaning as you go, you prevent the mess from happening in the first place. For example, instead of leaving your clothes on the floor and saying you’ll come back later to put them where they belong, you immediately put the clothes where they belong, thus preventing the mess from happening. It may seem very obvious, but most of us often don’t remember to clean as we go. Creating the habit of cleaning as you go takes some intentional planning, however, it is incredibly beneficial. Of course, there will be times when you just cannot clean as you go. Nevertheless, by creating the habit of cleaning as you go whenever you can, it will make it much easier to keep your home tidy in the long run. 


Allot 5 – 10 Minutes A Day For Organizing 

If you wait to have an entire day for organizing, it’ll seem like you can never get it done. Everyone is incredibly busy, so, expecting to have an entire day for organizing isn’t realistic. It’s not about having 10 hours a day for organizing, it is about developing good habits and being dedicated to tidying up. If you don’t incorporate organizing into your day, you are bound to deal with clutter. Even the most organized person cannot stay organized if they don’t create habits that encourage them to tidy up. Some good things to do in 5-10 minutes that will offer a great reward for a very small investment of time include sorting your mail, making your bed, tidying up your home’s entryway, and reading/deleting some emails from your inbox. 

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Choose The Right Containers 

Choosing the right containers when organizing is a frequently overlooked aspect of tidying up. The most common mistake that people make is purchasing containers and other organization items at the beginning of the project. Before doing so, you need to ask yourself a few questions in order to determine what your main goals are. Some questions to consider asking yourself include how often will the objects be used, how accessible do they need to be, and who will be using them. Also, remember that square containers hold more items, are sturdier, and don’t waste a lot of space when stacked. Furthermore, if you want containers that are best for visibility, clear containers would be your best bet. Whatever you end up choosing, just remember to measure your available space before shopping! 

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Store Items Where You Use Them

If you use something in the kitchen but store it in the garage, you’re never going to get around to putting it where it belongs, which leads to lots of clutter. The fact is that when you have to go out of your way to store something, you are not likely to do so. Storing items where you use them is a surefire way to reduce the clutter and keep your house tidy. You may think that you don’t have space to store items where you use them, however, finding a spot in which you can store things where you use them will increase the likelihood that it gets put away where it belongs after you are done using it. 


Never Leave A Room Empty-Handed

An incredibly simple and easy way to keep your house organized is by picking up items as you go from one room to the next during the day. If you make it a habit to never leave a room empty-handed, you’ll be organizing your house all throughout the day without it seeming like an annoying and tedious chore. Just picking up a few things from each room and placing them where they belong can be very helpful in getting your home organized. And, an added bonus is that when the habit of never leaving a room empty-handed becomes an ingrained daily routine, you most likely won’t even realize that you are organizing, it’ll just happen automatically. 


Designate A Drop Zone

A household drop zone is essential for keeping your house organized. Common household drop zones include the foyer/entryway, garage, and mudroom. The area where you enter your home often becomes a catch-all for everything. In order to designate a drop zone, you first need to choose a spot. Then, you can personalize it and make it stylish. Consider adding wall hooks, a bench, baskets, trays, and cabinets. Furthermore, you can elevate the space by adding some home décor such as mirrors, artwork, or seasonal wreaths. 

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Make Your Bed

Making your bed may not seem that important in keeping your house organized, but it is extremely important for a couple of reasons. First of all, if you make your bed every morning, you will accomplish the first task of the day. In turn, that gives you a sense of pride and satisfaction which will encourage you to do another task and then another and so forth. The second reason why making your bed is extremely important is because the last thing you see before you go to sleep at night and the first thing you see upon waking up in the morning is your bed. If your bed is constantly messy, that will start and end your day on the wrong foot. Therefore, making your bed each and every day will motivate you to tidy up the rest of your home, as well.