Creating A Calm Space: Home Décor Ideas To Create A Stress-Free Sanctuary

Home is meant to be a refuge. When things get overwhelming and stressful, home should be the place to unwind and recharge. Home décor has a significant impact on how you feel when you are at home. A well-designed space, filled with things that bring you joy, has the power to calm your mind and body. It is well known that cluttered rooms amplify feelings of anxiety and stress. However, it isn’t just cleanliness and organization that helps give your home a calm feeling. Decorating choices have the power to foster a sense of peace and tranquility in your home. A space that is thoughtfully decorated has the ability to evoke a serene environment. These home décor tips and ideas will help you create a soothing, peaceful environment that you’ll be thrilled to relax in. 

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Neutral Tones 

Start with a neutral palette and go from there. Using neutral tones in your home creates sanctuary-like vibes since neutral colors are easier on the eyes than super bright colors. Great ways to incorporate a neutral palette in your living space is by using white, off-white, cream, or taupe colored wall paint, furniture, and accessories. However, in order to ensure that your living space doesn’t look too bland, add some subtle patterns or different textures. Consider adding gold, yellow, and brass elements to create a calming, yet personalized and stylish living space. 


Incorporate Candles

Candles instantly make an environment feel homey and cozy. There is just something about candles that makes them feel serene. Consider adding candles generously to your home. Candles feel luxurious, while also creating a wonderful ambience in your home. Another plus is that you can really customize incorporating candles into your living space by having several different candleholders. Our favorite nontoxic, natural candles include ARDOR BIN Botanic Sea Candle, Lite + Cycle Urban Forest Essential Oil Candle, Follain No 2 Candle, and Uma Pure Calm Wellness Candle. 

Embrace Plants 

Plants are becoming an increasingly popular choice for home décor, and for a good reason! Usually when we’re feeling stressed, we try to immerse ourselves in nature in order to relax. Having plants in your living space will help bring that calming feeling of nature indoors. The fact is that we can’t always go for a hike or visit a park when we want to, so embracing the power of plants can help create feelings of tranquility indoors. You don’t have to have a green thumb in order to have plants in your home. There are many wonderful plant options that are very easy to take care of. Great indoor plants to incorporate into your home décor include the snake plant, pothos, spider plant, and aloe vera. 

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Natural Light

Natural light is one of the best ways to make a home feel like a sanctuary. A naturally lit room improves productivity, boosts your mood, and creates a more calm feeling atmosphere than a room that is lit with artificial light. If you don’t have lots of windows in your home, don’t worry! Even if you don’t get plenty of natural light through your windows, there are a few easy ways to enhance the natural light that does enter your living space. A simple way to add more natural light into your home is by adding reflective surfaces. By adding strategically placed large mirrors or lacquered pieces, you can exponentially increase the amount of natural light that enters your home.

Create A Wellness Space

A wellness space can work wonders for mental health. In the past year, homes have become a place for work. Creating a wellness space ensures that there is a separation between life and work. Having a special place in your home dedicated to wellness allows you to temporarily escape for a quiet moment and just focus on your own wellbeing. However, this doesn’t mean that you need a yoga studio or a spa in your home. A wellness space can just be a corner or a small room that you transform into a cozy nook dedicated to peacefulness. Consider adding a comfortable chair, a meditation cushion, pillows, blankets, and anything else that you really want to have. Creating a wellness space is a wonderful opportunity to personalize the area however you’d like. Upon doing so, you’ll have an oasis that you can retreat to whenever you need. 

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Don’t Overlook The Bedroom

Making your living room feel peaceful is incredibly important, however don’t overlook the importance of creating a calm space in your bedroom! The bedroom should feel like an escape from the busyness of life and work, while still feeling stylish and sophisticated. When decorating the bedroom, aiming to create a space that has a wow factor and feels relaxing is typically the main goal. You can do so by incorporating colors and items that resonate with you. Our personal recommendation is to get white or neutral bedding and then accessorize the room with your favorite décor. If you have some extra space in your bedroom, consider adding an oversized chair or small couch. Having an extra sitting area is absolutely wonderful for days when you want to read a book before bed or get ready for the day ahead. 

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Add Natural Textures

Everyone enjoys the beauty and tranquility of nature. While plants are a fantastic way to bring nature indoors, they aren’t for everyone. Adding natural textures is an amazing way to add elements of nature in your living space without having to take care of plants. Also, if you really love nature, you can add both plants and natural textures in your home. Earthy pieces bring a feeling of peacefulness into a living space. Some excellent ways to add natural textures into your living space is by incorporating woven tables, original woodwork, and woven light fixtures. Also, consider adding rugs and layering different textures to further elevate your home.