11 Amazing Ways To Spruce Up Your Backyard

Feeling like your outdoor living space needs an upgrade? No worries! There are many easy, affordable ways to transform your backyard into an oasis. A backyard makeover doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive in order to feel luxurious. From adding a fire pit to getting some new outdoor furniture, there are countless ways to create the backyard you want without going over budget. Every backyard has an immense amount of potential, and with just a bit of work, you can create a beautiful backyard! What are some ways to spruce up your backyard into the sanctuary you’ve been dreaming of? Here are 11 amazing ways: 

  1. Add A Hammock

We often overlook the simple things that can absolutely transform our backyard. And, a hammock is one of those things. By installing a hammock, your backyard immediately begins to feel tranquil. The best part is that there are many affordable hammock options out there! They provide a quiet, peaceful retreat in your backyard that will give you a sense of calm. 

2. Add A Fire Pit 

Is there anything cozier than sitting around a fire? Definitely not! Fire pits are a great investment because they can be used year round. From summer nights to winter nights, a fire pit will be used! And, just like a hammock, fire pits are affordable. Depending on your price range, there is a variety of different fire pits available. A fire pit is perfect for roasting marshmallows and having late night conversations with friends and family. A fire pit is truly the gift that keeps on giving! 

3. Get An Outdoor Rug 

An outdoor rug is the perfect backyard addition. If you don’t want to do any big backyard renovations, an outdoor rug is the perfect choice for you! You can really customize your backyard and make it your own with an outdoor rug. There are many different colors, shapes, and sizes available, so you can put your own touch on your backyard without having to renovate or spend lots of money. And, another benefit of outdoor rugs is that you don’t have to paint or stain your deck just to change up the look of your backyard. That’s definitely a win-win! 

4. Invest In Outdoor Furniture

Your backyard cannot truly feel like a sanctuary without some comfortable outdoor seating. Outdoor seating that looks nice and feels comfy is one of the key parts of creating an incredible backyard. Outdoor poufs, benches, chairs, and sectionals are all great ways to add some outdoor seating to your backyard. 

5. Plant Flowers

The upgrades you can do to your backyard depend on your budget. Nevertheless, no matter what your budget is, one of the best cost effective ways to spruce up your backyard is by planting flowers. Not only is it very affordable and simple, but you can really create the backyard look you’re going for depending on what you plant. Flowers add a pop of color to your backyard, and instantly transform your backyard from bland to beautiful! 

6. Add A Fountain

Fountains are an often overlooked backyard addition, yet they can really improve the look and feel of your outdoor space. Usually, when people think of fountains, they think of very large, grand fountains for huge backyards, but fountains aren’t necessarily only for large backyards. There are plenty of smaller fountains that you can put in the corner of your backyard to add to the calmness and tranquility of your backyard. Fountains are perfect for big and small backyards alike! Adding a water feature to your backyard instantly makes it feel luxurious and peaceful. 

7. Get A Pool 

A pool is the best way to cool off during the hot summer months. The type of pool you get ultimately depends on the size of your backyard and your budget. An important thing to remember is that in ground pools aren’t the only option. If an in ground pool seems too expensive or like it just isn’t doable for your backyard, great alternatives include above ground pools, such as inflatable pools or stock tank pools. 

8. Place String Lights 

String lights are very affordable, yet they look absolutely incredible. String lights will make your backyard look like the best one on the block. You can place string lights anywhere in your backyard. Great places to drape string lights include pergolas, fences, and across your backyard. Draping string lights across your backyard will give it a serene, starry night feel. If string lights just don’t seem like your thing, you can always get other types of outdoor lighting, such as lanterns.

9. Create An Outdoor Kitchen 

Barbecues are summer staples. But you can’t have barbecues without an outdoor kitchen. Your outdoor kitchen can just be a grill with table and chairs next to it. Or, if you prefer, you can create a large outdoor kitchen with a grill, fridge, and island. No matter what your outdoor kitchen may look like, it is a necessity in order to create an outdoor living space that is amazing! 

10. Invest In A Storage Bench 

Just like indoor living spaces, outdoor spaces can get cluttered over time. Too much clutter in your backyard doesn’t look good, and makes your backyard feel overwhelming instead of peaceful. The surefire way to ensure that your backyard isn’t too cluttered is to invest in an outdoor storage bench. Any clutter that you have lying around your backyard can be safely stored in the storage bench. And, not only does the storage bench hide clutter, it also provides extra seating!

11. Start A Garden 

A garden instantly improves your backyard, and provides healthy, organic food, as well. One of the best things about creating a garden is that you can basically create any kind of garden that you like. A garden is extremely customizable, and you can plant any kinds of fruits or vegetables that you like. Also, if immediately starting out with a fruit/vegetable garden seems too daunting at the moment, you can always start with an herb garden and go from there. Fruit/vegetables gardens and herb gardens are both useful and enhance your outdoor space!