10 Easy Ways To Look More Fashionable

Most people aspire to look more fashionable. A common misconception is that in order to look fashionable, you have to wear the most expensive and trendiest clothing. But, that is simply not true. Looking fashionable can be super easy and quick. There are plenty of effortless ways to instantly look more fashionable! So, read on to find out 10 easy ways to instantly look more fashionable. 

  1. Buy Versatile Clothing

Instead of purchasing clothing with just one specific event in mind, buy versatile clothing that will be great for many different occasions. The goal when shopping for new clothing should be items that you’ll rewear plenty of times. Having a few items that are high quality and versatile will transform your style. Going for classic pieces of clothing versus current trends will ensure that you’ll have something to wear for any and every occasion. 

2. Discover New Brands 

Having a few go-to brands is great. But, in order to make sure you don’t have a style rut, you should explore other brands out there. Of course, you should hang on to your mainstay clothing brands. It is just important to keep in mind that there are many fabulous brands out there for every budget. And, trying some brands that you’ve never tried before will assure that your style looks special and gorgeous year round.

3. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize! 

If there is one thing that’ll make any outfit look instantly polished, it is accessories. Accessories have the power to make even the most simple, casual outfit look beautiful. Fun accessories to try include layering necklaces, statement earrings, and stackable rings. Remember, with accessories, there is no right or wrong, just accessorize in a way that feels true to your style. 

4. Try Some New Denim Styles

Often times, we have a favorite pair of jeans that we wear nonstop. While having an amazing pair of jeans that you love is great, you should try some new denim styles to get you out of a style rut, and keep your wardrobe looking awesome. You can try a different wash, a different length, or a different trend. With jeans, the possibilities are endless! 

5. Wear a Monochrome Outfit 

A monochrome outfit always looks super chic and stylish. And, the best news is that you don’t have to be a fashion expert to pull of a monochromatic outfit. Particularly, when first trying out monochromatic outfits, you should start with either all black or all white, since that looks the most put together and chic. Then from there, you can try the trend with any color. And, remember, if you don’t think you can pull off the monochromatic trend, you can always add a colorful bag, shoes, or jewelry to give your outfit that pop of color that you crave. 

6. Try Layering

No matter what your style is or what kind of outfit you want to wear, layering is always a good idea. Layering makes your outfit look super cute, and gives it that extra pop. Ways to give layering a try include adding a belt, scarf, denim jacket, or cozy cardigan. 

7. Wear Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are an instant outfit enhancer. No matter your outfit, sunglasses will look great with it. Whether you wear sunglasses on the top of your head, on your face, or hanging on your shirt, they will significantly improve your outfit. Another way to ensure that your sunglasses look great with your outfit is to get the best sunglasses for your face shape, and to get your sunglasses in a color that goes well with and compliments the colors of your outfit. When in doubt, just remember that neutral sunglasses go well with everything, so you can’t go wrong with black or brown sunnies. 

8. Knot Your Shirt 

One of the absolute easiest ways to make your outfit seem more put together is to tie a knot in your shirt. It is super easy, quick, and effortless. Yet, it can completely elevate your outfit. You can tie a knot on the front, back, or side of your t-shirt. And, a good thing to keep in mind is that when you’re tying a knot in your shirt, pair it with high waisted jeans, shorts, or skirts, doing so will accentuate your figure. 

9. Try The Half-Tuck 

The half tucked shirt is the epitome of cool style, with a bit of sophistication. You can basically try the half-tuck with any shirt or blouse. A common misconception is that the half tuck can only be used with very casual outfits. Don’t let that fool you, the half-tuck looks great with any outfit whether it is super casual or a bit more dressed up. The half-tuck will add the waist-defining shape to your outfit that you seek, while still being very easy and quick to pull off.

10. Wear One Expensive Looking Piece

Your outfit doesn’t have to be all expensive to look good. Adding just one piece that looks expensive and higher quality will immediately improve your outfit. Adding a leather belt, luxe bag, or stunning shoes will instantly take your outfit to the next level. Even if the rest of your outfit is not necessarily very put together or expensive looking, adding that one expensive looking piece will absolutely enhance your outfit.