How To Get Glowing Skin: 6 Tips For A Brilliant Complexion

Having skin that looks healthy and radiant is a life long goal for many people. Healthy skin has a certain vibrant and youthful energy about it. There is something about skin with an ineffable glow that makes us all want to have a bright, fresh complexion. Sure, getting glowing skin can sometimes take months or years to fully perfect, but there are plenty of quick, easy fixes that can be done to ensure our skin looks fresh. Whether you’re a skin care expert or a novice looking to improve their skin, here are 6 tips for a brilliant complexion.  

  • Apply SPF daily

You’ve probably heard it a million times, but, overall, the BEST way to have glowing,   healthy skin is to ensure that you are applying SPF daily. A majority of wrinkles and blemishes come from sun exposure, and applying SPF will act as a barrier to prevent all the wrinkles/blemishes. SPF should be applied year round, no matter the weather or if you’ll be inside.

  • Increase your vegetable intake

Plenty of vegetables have components that improve your skin and give you that glow that you seek. The adage, “you are what you eat” is really proven to be true. You should aim to increase your intake of vegetables that contain powerful antioxidants, such as Betacarotene, which is found in carrots and sweet potatoes. Also, lutein which is found in kale and spinach.

  • Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is a must if you want glowing skin. Proper hydration helps with your skin elasticity and makes your skin look plump. Also, water helps to remove the toxins from your skin that cause inflammation. The recommendation is to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, even more if you’re really active. 

  • Increase your selenium intake

Selenium is an extremely powerful antioxidant, that works alongside with other vitamins to not only improve your skin, but your immune system, as well. Consuming a diet rich in selenium is proven to help your skin look fresh and protect against age spots too! An easy way to increase your selenium intake is to eat Brazil nuts. Eating just a few Brazil nuts will help with your skin elasticity and make sure your skin is looking healthy! 

  • Get beauty sleep

When you’re lacking adequate sleep, it shows on your skin. The less sleep you get, the more prone you are to experiencing breakouts, inflammation, and dullness. So, ensuring you get enough shut-eye each night is a very important step in having gorgeous, glowing skin. The recommendation is to get 8 hours of sleep each night in order to have not only a brilliant complexion, but also feel healthy and rejuvenated. 

  • Clean your makeup brushes 

Makeup brushes collect bacteria and dirt that trigger breakouts and inflammation on your skin. Ideally, makeup brushes should be cleaned weekly. Cleaning your makeup brushes doesn’t have to be a tedious task though. To wash your makeup brushes, wet the bristles with lukewarm water, place a drop of gentle soap in your hand, gently wash the tips of the brush bristles, rinse throughly, squeeze out any excess moisture, reshape the brush back into its original shape, and then just leave it out to dry . And, voila! Your makeup brushes are clean!